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About EjectiveVoice

Welcome to our small nook in the blogosphere, where the dried ink of thoughtful words are swept up in the warm air of the author’s voice and set before you in a delicacy sight and sound.  We believe that written word reinvigorated in talk complement each other as the aroma of a perfectly-spiced stir-fry completes the taste.  As with many good gifts, these words are meant to be enjoyed slowly – that is, ‘enjoyed… slowly.’  Your eyes will undoubtedly want to rush beyond the slow tambour of the writer’s words, and you are welcome to read in silence.  But to savor the deep flavors EjectiveVoice offers, we recommend that you allow the writer to guide your eyes through the text or, if the moment affords it, close them altogether and be carried along on the unwinding waves in the telling of the tale.

Lean back and relax.  Let us tell you a story.  You can get back to changing the world in a moment.

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